Capital city:
Rangoon (Yangon)
Major urban areas:
Rangoon (Yangon), Mandalay
Official Language:
Survey Language:
$111.1 billion (2013 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP):
$1,700 (2013 est.)


Median age:
28 years (male: 27 years, female: 29 years)
Age Structure:
0-14 years: 26%
15-24 years: 18%
25-34 years: 18%
35-44 years: 14%
45-54 years: 11%
55-64 years: 7%
65 years and over: 5%
Gender Structure:
50 male, 50% female
Urban population:
33% of total population (2011)
Internet users:
668,955 (1% of population)
Mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions:
Facebook users:

Local hi-lights:

Myanmar, the last frontier of Asia’s economy. Do we call it Myanmar or Burma? There are 135 ethnic groups, majority Burmese, and each has own language and tradition. The official name is Myanmar to include other ethnic groups.

Burma produces precious stones, 90% of the world’s rubies come from the country, whose red stones are prized for their purity and hue.

Thanaka is a traditional face-powder to protect face skin from sunlight and commonly used by women. As the sanctions are relaxed and new products are coming into the country, the modern make-up gains popularity and slowly replaces Thanaka, especially in urban areas.

Pencil and paper interview is the main data collection and it can take more than 6 weeks to complete a quantitative project.